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What is WCFS?

Wellspring Christian Family Schools is a church operated educational institution, officially recognized as a private Christian school in the State of Maryland since 1983, with a goal to inspire and assist parents in Treasuring God’s Design for their family by promoting academic excellence in their home. 

WCFS comes alongside Christian fathers and mothers, putting the academic tools in their hands to effectively disciple their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

WCFS is unique in its role as we represent a Christian alternative to government-supervised home instruction, while providing well-recognized academic records for our students.

WCFS families benefit from the WCFS oversight and administrative system while having the freedom to customize each child’s educational program, and still be involved in their own local homeschooling communities.

The unique aspect of the WCFS program is our combination of Biblical philosophy of parental roles in education with a nationally-recognized administrative system.

In 1985, WCFS' innovative program became the model by which the Maryland Department of Education established supervision standards for homeschooled students in Maryland.


WCFS replaces government scrutiny with Christian accountability.

Maryland homeschool families are mandated to operate their home instruction programs either under the intrusive eye of the local county boards of education or under the supervision of a private school or educational institution of a bona fide church.

This is essentially a choice between being monitored by government bureaucrats who have little incentive to support the success of your homeschool program, or being accountable to a like-minded, caring support team who will work with you to make your homeschooling venture a success.


WCFS provides your students with well-recognized academic records.

WCFS’ commitment to academic excellence and records-integrity has earned it the respect of state and national authorities. 

WCFS has been a member of the College Board since 1984, has been given Tier 1 status by the U.S. Navy, and is a founding member of the Umbrella School Accreditation Commission (USAC). 


As an approved National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Umbrella School, we are fully authorized to validate high school core courses and credit and award diplomas in accordance with NCAA standards of rigor and content. 

In an era where homeschool graduates sometimes face difficulty in having their records accepted, a WCFS-issued diploma and transcript are very helpful credentials.


WCFS gives your family access to a support team who is there for you year round.

Our staff is committed to providing care and support to your family throughout the year. From phone calls and emails to in person meetings, we are available to help you navigate the homeschooling journey.


Our team’s combined experience includes education, pastoral ministry, the legal field, and actual homeschooling!


Events throughout the year, from our Family Leadership Conference to our Nathaniel Bowditch Mentoring Clinic are intended to build up parents and students alike.



Our services seek to encourage the individual family during their home education experience.

We provide Teacher's Meetings, Leadership Conference retreats, monthly home school workshops for the whole family, individual curriculum and educational program development for every student, record keeping administration, individual transcripts, multiple portfolio reviews per year, high school graduation and diplomas, college preparatory research paper classes, and elected student class governments.

Beyond this, we provide constant support and encouragement, field trip activities through our main offices in Sabillasville, MD, and regular workshops and visits to our enrolled families on the MD Eastern Shore.

Through our Distance Program, missionaries and residents of other states in the U.S. and foreign countries have access to home education support and administration.

Future Opportunities for a WCFS Student

Home schooled students are in high demand, and students in our program are no different. They are taught and instilled with Christian character and values which permeate into quality service and work ethic.

Graduates from our Academy program have been accepted academic organizations such as the College Board and the NCAA, as well as the US Armed Services, police and fire academies, and post-secondary institutions across the country and internationally. ​WCFS students have been accepted into colleges and universities of their choice all over​ the U.S. and have been hired into full-time careers straight from homeschool. 


Many are now raising their own families and home schooling them as well. Homeschooling has made a difference in their lives in impacting the world for Christ, in his love and truth.

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