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Statement of Purpose

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Our Purpose

As a school ministry, WCFS provides home education services for hundreds of students in the state of Maryland, surrounding states, and international countries.

We value the family and thus provide a system of mentoring in which we seek to encourage each parent to be active in the development of their children, academically, spiritually, and physically.

We mentor parents in their efforts to be the mentors of their children. We acknowledge every parent as God's instrument of leadership in their home in order to raise up their children, thereby positively impacting the next generation.



Our Values

Because we value the local church as a community designed by God to be a source of spiritual edification and nurture, we require meaningful church attendance for all enrolled families.

We partner with local churches to assist them in building educational communities for the families in their congregations. 



Our Mission

Lawfully provide academic supervision and accredited transcripts for students who are taught at home or in a nontraditional environment.

Combine Biblical philosophy of parental roles in education with a nationally-recognized administrative system

Serve as educational assistants to parents and churches by providing exceptional administrative methods and quality academic credentials, thereby equaling and surpassing the standards of excellence found in public institutions.

Inspire families and churches to treasure God's design for the family and to provide resources to families and churches that promote educational communities for training faith-filled children.

Help parents maximize their personal time with their children in their own home. (John 5:19b)

Serve children as tutors and governors, with proper respect for their home. (Gal. 4:1-2)



Our Vision

Christ-centered educational communities composed of families and churches that have a vision for treasuring God’s design for the family in the home and church community.



Our Goal

It is our goal to serve as educational assistants to parents and churches by providing quality administrative methods and outstanding academic credentials. 

At WCFS, we seek to help parents to raise up Godly children in an ungodly world. It is a very difficult task! What does success look like? 


Success Looks Like A Child Who Is…


Emotionally Satisfied

Feels the Love of God in their heart and is confident to stand alone by the Holy Spirit and on the Word.


Bears Much Fruit

Kindly helps others, uses God's gifts with modesty & creativity.


Grateful and Content

Is thankful and content for such things one has, and diligently makes the most of every opportunity.​


Marriageable Morals ​

Is family focused and personally pure, happily pursuing brotherly and sisterly relationships.​


Honorable Ambition

Pursues earthly studies leading to a non-dependent quiet life and a positive testimony to the world of wise productive living. 

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