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WCFS Review |

Umbrella Program for Maryland Homeschool Families

If you're looking for a simple, affordable, hassle-free way to legally instruct your child at home in the state of Maryland, this could be it!

Our Review Program:

- Applies only to Maryland residents. If your family is living in MD, and all you need are your legal bases covered, WCFS Review is an excellent choice! If you live in another state or overseas, check out our Distance Academy program instead.


- Satisfies the requirements of Maryland law for homeschool umbrella programs. Enroll with us and you will have full legal coverage, the ability to teach from a Christian world view, and we will handle all enquiries from the County or State. 

- Provides no transcripts or diplomas. The Review program only provides homeschool oversight to ensure that students are receiving regular thorough instruction. We do not maintain, nor do students receive a transcript or diploma from the Review Program. 

- Requires minimal paperwork. Aside from your application and re-enrollment forms, the only other forms you submit are the yearly 1st and 2nd semester Course Registration forms. 


- Requires minimal meetings. Two Portfolio Reviews with WCFS staff are required (one at the end of each semester). The August Family Leadership Conference and January Midyear Teacher's Conference are required also. (These conferences may be attended via livestream upon request.)

- Offers additional services. For a fee, you may add these services to the basic Review program, tailoring it to your family's needs:

  • Curriculum Consultations

  • IA, PSAT, or Individualized Testing

  • Discounted Ignitia Curriculum

  • Academic Troubleshooting Consultations

  • Tutoring

  • WCFS High School Courses

  • Monthly Training Workshops

Enrollment Process:
1. Submit Application Form and Application Fee

2. Approval Period

3. Receive Welcome Email

4. Watch Orientation Video

5. (Optional) Attend Program Development Meeting

6. (Optional) Receive Placement Testing

7. Pay Tuition 

8. Start Homeschooling!

Differences Between WCFS Programs:
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