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The History of WCFS

Grungy Paper


Walkersville Christian Family Schools (WCFS) was founded in 1983 by Gary Cox as a homeschooling outreach of Walkersville Christian Fellowship, the church at which Gary Cox is Senior Pastor.


We were originally based in Walkersville MD, hence the name, but have since moved first to Thurmont MD, and now to Sabillasville MD, where we minister to families all over the state and beyond.


WCFS is designed to be an "umbrella group," providing support and advice for homeschooling families.


Because WCFS strives to operate with integrity and legal transparency, we worked with the state to become an officially state-recognized homeschool organization, paving the way for many homeschooling families to be able to school their children in a legal way.


Over the years, WCFS has grown to be an institution of over 250 students. The first WCFS graduating class consisted of two students; now the average is a class of more than 20.


God has provided many ways for WCFS to grow, and allowed it to play an integral part in the implementation of the Maryland education bylaws that are beneficial for all homeschoolers in the state. 


WCFS provides workshops, teacher training conferences, student testing, curriculum development, field trips, academic clinics, apprenticeships, and many other fun and educational activities.

Global Expansion

In 2005, WCFS began an affiliation with the South Korean homeschool organization, Joshua International Academy (JIA). 


We have been able to help them adopt our organizational structure of operation and student coursework approval & validation. We are excited to have them as our Korean "branch".


Since then we have added two more Branch Academies. Global Homeschool Academy GHSA of Korea, and The Master's Academy Homeschool (TMA Homeschool) of the Philippines.

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