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What is WCFS?

WCFS comes alongside Christian fathers and mothers, putting the academic tools in their hands to effectively disciple their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

WCFS is unique in its role as we represent a Christian alternative to government-supervised home instruction, while providing well-recognized academic records for our students.

WCFS families benefit from the WCFS oversight and administrative system while having the freedom to customize each child’s educational program, and still be involved in their own local homeschooling communities.

The unique aspect of the WCFS program is our combination of Biblical philosophy of parental roles in education with a nationally-recognized administrative system.

In 1985, WCFS' innovative program became the model by which the Maryland Department of Education established supervision standards for homeschooled students in Maryland.

What is Homeschooling?


Homeschooling is a Biblical training method by which parents educate their children at home according to guidelines and requirements set up for that purpose.

Along with imparting factual information, it involves nurturing and inspiring a child, inducing him to think, explore and find lessons in everything around him.

What about Socialization?


​Socialization is the process of routinely sharing common experiences, preferably in a positive and friendly manner. In the Christian home, socializing begins with kindness, cooperation, mutual trust and an adherence to the Golden Rule - fitting children for a companionship with others.

Studies have shown that a strong sense of identity and good basic education skills are much more important to children for long-term success than undirected mixing with many other same-age children. In fact, such peer interaction tends more often to be negative than positive, resulting in peer pressure, selfishness, ridicule and rivalry, all of which are so prevalent in society today.

That said, WCFS offers numerous opportunities for productive socialization. These include field trips, monthly workshops, the Family Heritage Expo, and conferences. 

Do I need to obtain permission from the state?


​No. WCFS operates under Maryland's laws for private Christian schools, and families enrolled with Walkersville Christian Family Schools satisfy the school attendance requirements of the State of Maryland.

As part of your registration process with us, your county is informed of your enrollment. No further interaction is necessary.



Do homeschool parents need to be certified teachers?


​No. Just like most states, parents do not need teaching degrees in Maryland.

Parental devotion and love for their children and the children's willingness to learn are the most important factors for a child's successful education.

How can a parent teach unfamiliar subjects?


​Most parents are better equipped to teach from a good textbook than they think.

For those who desire more assistance, educational workshops, counsel from our staff, informal contact with other parents and special events are available. 

What does WCFS curriculum include?


WCFS does not have a canned curriculum.

Upon enrollment, every child is tested and recommendations are made. The parents choose the course of study for their child. WCFS administration and supervision encourages and ensures that parents follow through with what they have decided to do.

WCFS sells curriculum from several different vendors. Curriculum from other vendors can be requested. Unit study or project oriented curriculum is encouraged. Home instructors have more resources available to them than "traditional" school choices.

At the elementary school level, (K-6), subjects include: Bible, Language Arts, (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Composition and Grammar), Math, Science, Social Studies, (History and Geography), and Physical Education. Other studies, such as Music, Health and Home Ec., etc., can be combined with units of study as appropriate or taught separately. At the high school level, there are 6 courses of study from which to choose with course requirements for each.

Does WCFS Tutor?

Generally, we do not offer tutoring. However, we can help connect you with a tutor, or coach you in tutoring your student yourself. 

Can High School students learn a trade?


​WCFS has a work-study apprenticeship program. Many opportunities are available to home-schooled students which provide valuable training toward a career trade.

What about college?


​Most colleges accept our diploma along with the scores for the ACT and SAT. Students who score well on these tests are willingly accepted by colleges. More


What is the Cost?


We offer three enrollment programs, each with a different tuition rate. Follow the links on our Enrollment page to learn more about the different rates, and our tuition reduction policy.

What about record-keeping and transcripts?


​We will request transcripts to be sent to us from your children's previous schools which we will then maintain throughout their enrollment.

We provide record-keeping books or you can use your own forms. Several grading methods are available to use. Simple instructions are included in our manual.



What is the school year schedule?


Our record keeping system is based on the standard 2 Semester, September to May school year.

However, homeschooling is meant to be flexible, and families can school year-round, on Saturdays, evenings or whatever is necessary to accomplish their educational goals.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept cash, checks, digital bill pay through you bank's online banking services, and wire transfers. 

Though we do have PayPal, we us it only for donations. 

Can I get tax credit through tuition paid to WCFS?

No. We are not legally set up to offer tax credit, or tax advice. 

If you are seeking assistance of that sort, we suggest you talk to your state's tax accountant. 

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