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About WCFS Courses


It is the objective of WCFS courses to train students to develop faithfulness in small things, which is the key to godly promotion in this world and the next.

Our courses are designed to enable the student to access and create personal opportunities through godly self-initiative.

Grade Levels

These courses are designed for High Schoolers, grades 9-12. 


We offer two types of courses:

  • Credit: WCFS led and graded

  • Audit: Parent led and graded

Please see the Credit and Audit panels below for more detailed explanations.


Live-taught courses are available only during the standard September to May school year.  

Pre-recorded courses are available throughout the year.

Please check the syllabus listed with each course for individual class schedules.


Live classes will be taught at the WCFS campus in Sabillasville.

Live-streamed video recording is available during live classes for those who cannot attend in person.

All pre-recorded classes are available on the WCFS YouTube channel. 

Subjects Offered


These courses are designed to help students develop strong Biblical foundations in a world that is attempting to destroy them.

Our Bible courses introduce practical Bible study skills, describe God’s design for family, answer the questions of origins and identity, discuss how Christians should relate to authority and government, offer a Biblical perspective of history, and teach principles of evangelism and missions.

As demonstrated by the description above, many of our Bible courses combine the study of the Bible with the study of another subject.


English Grammar

We offer a class that gives high school students important tools for college and life in general. Writing and research.

A requirement for graduation is writing a research paper.

Students can take the class if they struggle with writing or just to broaden their knowledge of researching and writing in a proper form and with proper grading.

This has helped students with their future, not just in life but also for those who desire to do well in college. 

We have had many students come back and say how taking this class helped them tremendously in their future of college and life. 

We desire to empower students to do their best and succeed in their life.

Taking this class will help them take another step toward that goal.


Math is one of the most used areas of school in a child's future. It is an area that they will use their entire life in every area of life, whether they realize this or not.

Developing and broadening their knowledge of Math is extremely important for a well rounded education and a successful life.

Our basic accounting course taught by Brad Main will help students develop a better knowledge of money and business management, an important tool for life.

Math tutoring may be available for students struggling with grasping the concepts of Math


We offer several science courses, each taught through a Biblical perspective.

Experiments, instructor explanation of the text, and tests are the key ingredients for these classes.

Hands on and visuals help give the student a better perspective of science and will give them stronger tools in their walk with God and understanding science as He intended.

Social Studies

The goal of these courses is to provide students with a clear understanding of history and government from a Christian perspective.

Students will study Biblical history, US history, and world events from a Biblical perspective, and study God’s design for government. They will discover the heritage and fundamental principles of American government, discuss civic responsibilities for Christians, and learn how to engage governmental authorities. 

Our American history course is designed for optional CLEP testing at the end of the course.

Physical Education

Since physical activity is a key to a healthy body and spirit, and since we believe in caring well for our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and since sports teach such valuable life lessons, we are delighted to offer a Sports Physiology course.


If a student desires to take a course in a subject that is not listed, please contact our office about your interest.

Credit Courses

Credit courses are WCFS led and WCFS graded.

A WCFS instructor will provide regular one-on-one mentoring and feedback for the student throughout the course.

As Pre-Approved WCFS curriculum, these may be registered as Standard Courses. 


Foundations in Research

0.5 Credit | Grammar | Instructor Gary L. Cox

creation 6 days.jpg

Dogmatic Creationism

0.5 Credit | Science / Bible | Instructors Gary L. Cox and Joel Fischer

This course satisfies the WCFS High School Handbook §5.4.1 (a) Required Course: Origins 101


Applied Civics 101

0.5 Credit | Social Studies / Bible | Instructors Gary L. Cox and Joel Fischer

This course satisfies the WCFS High School Handbook §5.5.1 (a) Required Course: Applied Citizenship 101


Biblical Foundations of Self Government Courses

1 Credit | Social Studies / Bible | Instructors Gary L. Cox and Joel Fischer

These courses satisfy the WCFS High School Handbook §4.1.1 (a) Required Course: Biblical Foundations of Self-Government


God, Gospel and Government

1 Credit | Social Studies / Bible | Instructor Gary L. Cox

This course satisfies the WCFS High School Handbook §5.5.1 (a) Required Course: Applied Citizenship 101

Audit Courses

Audit courses are parent led and parent graded.

No regular teacher assistance is provided by WCFS staff.

To receive credit for these courses, treat them as any other curriculum and register them using Non-Standard Course Description Forms. 

Credit will be determined upon review of the course plan as described in the Form.

Extra monitoring and oversight are available to students taking these classes through participation in the Nathaniel Bowditch Mentoring Clinic. 

Bible 2.jpg

Biblical Foundations for Family Life

Potentially 1 Credit | Bible | Instructor Gary L. Cox

10 40 window 2.png

Missions Initiation

Potentially 0.5 Credit | Bible | Instructor Timothy Shell


Basic Accounting

Potentially 1 Credit | Math | Instructor Brad Main


Physical Science

Potentially 1 Credit | Science | Instructor Gary L. Cox



Potentially 1 Credit | Science | Instructor Dale Frierson


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Potentially 1 Credit | Science | Instructor Dale Frierson


Biblical Foundations of World History

Potentially 1 Credit | Social Studies / Bible | Instructor Gary L. Cox


Early US History: A Biblical View (CLEP Emphasis)

Potentially 1 Credit | Social Studies / Grammar | Instructor Gary L. Cox


Intro to Sport Physiology

Potentially 1 Credit | Physical Education | Instructor Brad Main

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