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WCFS Academy |

Private School for Maryland Homeschool Families

If you're seeking a program that provides accountability and support, is built around family needs, maintains thorough records, and awards recognized diplomas, you have found it!

Our Academy Program:


- Applies only to Maryland and nearby residents. If your family is living in MD (or very close by), and you are seeking student transcripts and/or High School diplomas, WCFS Academy is the right choice for you. If you live outside our service area or overseas, check out our Distance Academy program instead.

- Exempts students from Maryland homeschool requirements. Students enrolled in our Academy are enrolled in a private school, and therefore are exempt from the oversight required by Maryland law for homeschool students.


- Provides validated K-12 transcripts and High School diplomas. Graduating with a WCFS diploma, your student will be able to demonstrate their High School achievements on transcripts customary to the majority of post-secondary institutions. (WCFS utilizes NCAA rigor standards for all High School courses.)

- Accepts dual enrollment. Students in 7th and 8th grade may take High School courses if taken according to NCAA rigor standards. Students may also take courses for college credit through other institutions while enrolled with WCFS.

- Promotes curriculum from a Christian worldview. Whether it be Creation vs Evolution, gender identity vs identity in Christ, or CRT in American history, we'll help you design and select courses to teach your children the truth, honor God, and prepare them to be ambassadors to the world.

- Provides annual program development consultations and offers achievement testing to help you determine your student's knowledge level and develop an individualized curriculum best suited for them.

- Provides all necessary forms. K-12 Academy families are provided with all necessary Course Objective guides, Student Reporting Forms, Jr. High and High School Handbooks, and Academic Calendars needed to validate each student's coursework.


- Provides coursework validation. WCFS utilizes Home Visits, Portfolio Reviews, Academic Clinics, Mentoring Clinics and Tutoring to provide academic oversight and promote student accountability.

- Includes in-person events. The WCFS Family Leadership Conference, Midyear Teacher's Conference, statewide Workshops, Student Council, Family Heritage Expo, and local field trips offer students and families regular opportunities for in-person learning and fellowship with other Christian homeschoolers.

Enrollment Process:
1. Submit Application Form and Application Fee

2. Approval Period

3. Receive Welcome Email

4. Watch Orientation Video

5. Attend Program Development Meeting

6. (Optional) Receive Placement Testing

7. Pay Tuition 

8. Start Homeschooling!

Differences Between WCFS Programs:
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