WCFS Student Council

Grungy Paper

The goal of the Student Council is to provide an outlet for high school students to be creative, gain practical experience, and “do life” together with peers and mentors alike.

Students have the opportunity to organize “subcommittees,” with WCFS-approval, and under the oversight of a parent-advisor, for specific activities (fieldtrip, mission outreach, etc.) or interests (book club, choir, etc.).

Specific staff-sponsored events, including a student field day and Student Forum, are planned for 2019.

The Student Council, and its subcommittees, meet at the scheduled Workshops and Clinics throughout the school year, and at other times designated by WCFS staff and/or parent- advisors.

The Junior Class, Senior Class, and Yearbook subcommittees are already available for student participation.

Fundraisers for the Junior and Senior classes, and the Student Council as a whole, are ongoing throughout the year.