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Recently in the News

Praise & Gratitude: the Antidote to Spiritual Cynicism

WCFS Administrator Joel Fischer responds to a recent Washington Post piece.


Influencers for Christ

WCFS Superintendent Gary Cox responds to the idea of Christian Nationalism.

Bible Lessons

EDU-Safe: An Educational Approach for the Protection of Your Kids

WCFS Superintendent Gary Cox explains the need and describes the vision for EDU-SAFE communities.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Maryland State Department of Education’s Policy on Gender Indoctrination

The purpose of this action is to establish educational equity as a priority for the Maryland State Department of Education and all local school systems.

Kids Playing Tug of War

EDU-SAFE: A Tool To Help Churches Reach Children With Sound Biblical Education

WCFS Superintendent Gary Cox invites church leaders to consider how EDU-SAFE would assist in creating safe education communities.

Child Counseling
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