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WCFS Witness Course

Equipped and Unashamed

Grungy Paper

Equipped and Unashamed

0.5/1 Credit - May satisfy one WCFS Bible course requirement

"... Congratulations! You are about to embark on, quite possibly, the most exciting journey of your life! The goals of this curriculum are more far-reaching than most traditional curricula.  Our heart for you, as you read, study, memorize, write, watch DVD’s, attend a training course, and go out witnessing is not only that you will learn how to become an ambassador for Christ (learn to evangelize), but also that you will grow in your knowledge and love of the One who has made your evangelizing possible!

With that in mind, we have included in this curriculum resources, projects and training that, we believe, will kindle in you a passion to live fully for Jesus. Witnessing included. ..."

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