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WCFS Homechool Academy is much more than just an umbrella program. While we offer individualized homeschool programs, we also offer a variety of programs that are open to all Christian homeschooling families.

online database for student records available in each home (electronic files), high school clubs, yearbooks, 

We also maintain regional activities in all six (6) regions of the state of Maryland for expansion of localized support to home school families.

Dad's Meeting

This is a great time of encouragement and challenge to Dad's role in the home. The meetings are held at key locations around Maryland.

Portfolio Review Preparation for Dads


  1. Meet with your wife to conduct a “pre-portfolio review” of your student(s)’ work prior to the scheduled visit.


  1. Using your student’s Course Registration Form and 1st Semester Report as guides, determine your student’s progress in each subject.


  1. For a Standard Course, determine the number of pages that have been covered out of the total number of pages in the text. This will give you a percentage of the text that has been studied to date.


  1. For a Non-standard Course, refer to the items listed in the Non-standard Course Description Form. Check the quality and the quantity of the work. Make sure any QSU logs are up-to-date with total hours or pages logged. 


  1. Organize each student’s work in order of courses listed. For Standard courses you will need all chapter and unit tests. For Non-standard courses, you will need all items listed including the projects or pictures of the projects, as well as the QSU logs.


  1. Be sure to bring your copy of each student’s Course Registration Form with you to the scheduled portfolio review. The staff will review the form and transfer the information to their copy.


  1. If there is any remedial work to be done, the staff will note that on your copy so that you have record of what needs to be completed and by what date. 

Determination of a unit of credit is based on the satisfactory completion of course work as described by the approved Course Description in High School Course Catalog.

Credits may be earned for programs other than those taken during the regular school year.

Examples of these programs are summer school, evening school, correspondence courses, tutoring, examinations, work study programs or life experience.

In addition to regular study activities, a student may conduct laboratory experiments, peruse independent research, utilize tutorials, computer assisted instruction and use of audiovisual materials.

Kindergarten Program

A kindergarten program is available satisfying the Maryland mandatory kindergarten requirement.

WCFS offers a K-12 program providing testing, curriculum development, High School course credentialing, transcripts and a High School diploma upon successful completion. A formal Graduation Ceremony is held annually for our graduating class.

Enrollment in WCFS satisfies the compulsory attendance school laws for the state of Maryland. Records and transcripts are maintained professionally and according to the protocol used in the traditional education community at large. Our recognized high school diploma program helps you develop an individualized curriculum that fulfills standard graduation requirements while including special opportunities and interests to every student. The WCFS High School Diploma has been accepted by colleges and universities both nationally and internationally!

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  • mentoring students and fathers toward genuine relational learning as described in John 5:19.

  • Train young adults in biblical discipleship through the JDM personal and family bible study and witness opportunities

  • Promote godliness through equal yoking practices found in 2Cor. 6. These practices emphasize the departure from worldliness by embracing the authority and relationships established by God which lead His children to sonship.

    • Renouncing the hidden things of dishonesty.

    • Seeing parents and spiritual leaders as helpers of joy, not lords over faith. This includes a recognition between God's own Fatherhood over his own children, and the connection between love and discipline which requires faith in yielding and submission to it, and afterwards produces the peaceable fruit of righteousness, joy in the Holy Spirit.

    • Putting off the godless practices of the world we live in by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, and making no provisions for the flesh to fulfill its lusts.

    • Using service to parents and family as the springboard of service to others and the world.

    • Promote relationships between fathers and children by using student accountability as a training device teaching children to seek out their own father's approval and counsel. This will include training in sonship: opening and turning of the hearts of the children and fathers to each other.

Payment Methods:

You may pay either by check, through your bank's Bill Pay service, or through PayPal. 

There is a 3-5% price increase if paying through PayPal. 

2021 Record Forms

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Student Council

Sub Sale

Support the Student Council by ordering a sub for lunch at the conference!

This fundraiser helps to pay for graduation, class trips, and other Student Council activities!