Memories Worth Sharing

1) Memories Worth Sharing

My father and mother owned and operated a general merchandise store in Burkittsville, Maryland. We never had vacations for more than a few days at a time.

My mother, therefore, aimed for vacation moments almost every week. Two of these “vacation moments” continue pleasantly in my memory.

Backyard Campfires

About dusk we would all gather at the farthest corner of our yard. Once gathered we would build a campfire. What happened next would vary, sometimes hot dogs, other times camp songs or stories but always we would sit and listen, sit and watch. The sounds of the crickets and the sight of the dark sky would bring us to calm. I remember ALWAYS wishing we could just stay there! To this day, many, many years later, my mind and heart remember and experience peace.

The Swimming Hole

All through spring, summer and fall Mother planned picnic and swimming times. We were usually limited to 2-3 hours. You may be picturing Hershey Park or some other grand location but our “vacation spot” was a cousin’s farm meadow and stream. Early in the season we would dam a spot so that eventually there would be real swimming. The meal would vary from extravagant (fried chicken and potato salad) to simple (cheese sandwiches and chips), always adding cookies and an apple. Fun, games, swimming and feasting alone with those you loved best is a memory that still gives me a picture of family.

2) Project Gutenberg

Some years ago I discovered Project Gutenberg and now use this app for free ebooks. They continue to add books to their library, it appears to me.

Many of the ElsieDinsmore books, by Martha Finley, may be found free. Some biographies and Christian growth books are available. I just finished reading An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa

May Alcott. This seems written for 4th-6th grade girls but younger students would enjoy it as a read-aloud. Older girls could use it to read to younger siblings. Teens would profit from following the struggles and victories of Polly, but it is so counter cultural they may feel it’s ridiculous. Personally, I enjoyed it immensely and I’m the oldest girl I know (almost, Nana’s older)!

At least, check out Project Gutenberg and see if it offers you any help.

3) Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming and windows will be opened and a desire for fresh air will intensify. I want to remind you of a lesson I learned years ago and continue to learn. What lesson? Learning what to keep and what to give. Consider that agonizing over what to give or throw away can be helped with these two thoughts: 1) Usually, if you give something away that you later need, you can replace it. So relax.

2) If you give something away, it is usually because you haven’t been using it. So continue to do without.

If you keep the item (clutter) consider these thoughts:

1) You must use your time and energy managing it. 2) You must give it valuable space, meaning something you frequently use cannot have that space. 3) You will continue to question yourself about stewardship of that item.

So as you clean this spring discarding what you don’t use, think of the energy you are saving, the free space you are creating and the lessons in stewardship you are teaching!

4) Memorizing Scripture

There are many reasons to memorize Scripture but one reason that we can all profit from is the comfort, security and peace that it can give us in any situation.

As I’ve been reading Psalm 8 recently, realizing how it serves me well night and day I’m led to challenge you to memorize Psalm 8. It begins,

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You set your glory above the heavens.”

And ends,

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.”

Between those verses there are other verses to show the great works of God, as in verse 5, where among others, He is speaking of your school, both teacher and pupil:

“You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.”