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EDU-Safe: An Educational Approach for the Protection of Your Kids

Why a Christ-Centered EDU-SAFE Community?

It is evident that the strong cultural influence of Judeo-Christian values has eroded in today’s post-modern world. The June 2015 Obergefell ruling by the US Supreme Court recognizing same sex marriage has created the kind of social upheaval warned about in Scripture. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isa 5:20 NIV) In the decision's aftermath, “Gender Dysphoria” has created a cultural fog resulting in new laws and regulations that pervert once-trusted community resources such as teachers, doctors and counselors into Orwellian thought police for the state 1.

Parents have direct authority from God to educate their children and to establish Christ centered standards of right and wrong for their children. Not only that, working in harmony with their church and Scripture, parents absolutely must provide safe authoritative communities for their children to grow into mature, confident adults. Mankind is lost, but Jesus saves. Moreover, the admission that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord implies a sweeping moral acknowledgment that all have sinned. "For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died.” (2Co 5:14 NKJV)

Prejudicial Health Ideology: We can no longer trust the government-authorized professional community of caregivers to have authoritative access to our minor children. The new laws prohibit licensed healthcare providers from counseling minor children in any manner that could encourage children to accept their natal gender, faulting “Conversion Therapy” withcreating risk of harm to minors.

1 SB1028 …– Conversion Therapy for Minors – Prohibition (Youth Mental Health Protection Act) A …CHILD CARE PRACTITIONER MAY NOT ENGAGE IN CONVERSION THERAPY WITH AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS A MINOR. Maryland General Assembly bill was signed by Governor Hogan’s on May 15, 2018.

These laws will impact all professionals who have any kind of authoritative access to children because they are required by law to report suspicion of child abuse and neglect. The professionals include physicians, pediatricians, and educators and more. “Risk of harm” is the legal threshold for mandatory reporting of suspicion of child abuse and neglect. Once codified, Prohibited “Conversion Therapy” will become a new threshold across the professional counseling spectrum by which suspected abuse or neglect will be measured.

Precocious Developmental Standards: The government forfeits its trust when it passes laws and regulations that pretend a child’s welfare and best interests are met by the malleable imagination of a child, who can be as young as three years old! 2 These laws and regulations are not based on qualified science but are products of pseudoscience created by those with a political agenda. They are an intrusion into parental authority and decision-making, inventing harmful clinical standards for children’s mental health and wellbeing.

2 2017, Revised Endocrine Society Transgender Guidelines

We can no longer trust the government-authorized caregiver community to have authoritative access to our minor children.

EDU-SAFE: Precipitative Action Required Families, pastors and church leaders need to develop safe authoritative communities that protect children and families from unsafe exposure to confusing authoritative models.Christ-centered authoritative communities can provide safe, nurturing environments that promote positive, healthy views of natal gender in children and families. Authoritative communities need churches to help establish educational institutions with supportive curricular and extra-curricular activities. Now is the time for churches everywhere to promote and/or establish safe, faith-based educational programs for families in their church and community. Wellspring Christian Family Schools (WCFS) can help your church do just that with our turn-key licensed, affiliate educational program.

Parents Need a Christ-Centered, EDU-SAFE Community

A Christ-Centered, Authoritative Community is an association of believers who positively influence each other by engaging in activities that honor the common bond they have as disciples of Jesus Christ. These relationships are marked by a delight to personally know the God of wisdom and to walk in His ways. The association is embraced by each disciple as he or she pursues Christ individually and corporately. Yes, this sounds a lot like a biblical local church!

This association of believers functions in a non-sectarian organic manner. The interaction of relationships spring from the hub of each individual’s relationship to Jesus Christ, not around allegiance to a specific group. However, the group may have meaningful and necessary guidelines for the effective function and safety of its members.

The individual’s vertical relationship to Jesus Christ is prioritized as essential in order to provide lateral relationships with positive fellowship and to avoid becoming schismatic. Polarizing sub-groups that center fellowship on a form of godliness” can wrongly require allegiance to a group’s practices and beliefs before one’s allegiance to Christ. (1Cor. 1:10-17)

The hallmarks of Christ-centered relationships are encouragement and space for individuals to grow. Encouragement and space are required for individuals to pursue authentic relationships with Jesus Christ that are not smothered by approved group expressions of faith. Group approval could wrongly pressure non-conforming individuals and interfere with their authentic faith as a servant before his Master. (Rom. 14 & 15)

It is a Delight-based community where all members influence each other by how they manifest their delight. One may possess authority to influence like a parent, pastor (or similar role); others will influence attitudes toward authority through relationships, like siblings and peers. Each member contributes to the community model by their own authentic, consistent and delight-based desire to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. (Eph. 6:1-2, 4-6, 9; Gal. 1:6, 10; 2:4, 11-14)

Delight is the overriding motivation behind all obedience to God. God is the authority over every believer. God has chosen to institute earthly authority among men. Believers are given confirmation of this authority in the Word of God. However, we must understand that only a believer who delights in obedience to God has the proper outlook required to disobey when an earthly authority goes beyond the boundaries of the authority that God ordained. “But Peter and the apostles replied, ‘We must obey God rather than men’”. (Acts 5:29)

As a member of an authoritative community, the believer must be able to appeal to his conscience before God. Every believer must obey God by the wisdom revealed to him by the Holy Spirit from the Word of God. It is a Delight-Based Wisdom. Every true believer can recognize authentic authority as it springs from God. “Now we do speak wisdom among the mature, but not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are perishing. Instead we speak the wisdom of God, hidden in a mystery, that God determined before the ages for our glory. ...God has revealed these to us by the Spirit. …even the deep things of God. (1 Cor. 2:6-7,15)

What would a Christ-Centered EDU-SAFE Community look like?

The model would be an authoritative community walking in fellowship together with your church families to create a safe educational environment. Growing believers need to be able to “speak the same thing” in Christ-centered relationships. In a healthy authoritative community, the source of authority is Christ himself, not the group, and the center-point of unity is mutual acceptance of one another, just as Christ has received each believer (Romans 14:1–15:7).

The model would have a physical location to serve as an educational hub, preferably a church hall with classroom capabilities. It would be preferable if the assembly that owns the building had a vision for the potential community outreach of an educational program. A private home could also be used as a hub. The hub may reflect some of the elements of a small day school.

Preferably, the model would have staff that is derived from members of the sponsoring congregation. A married couple could mentor other husbands and wives in their respective parent-teacher roles, live and hands-on. A greater level of safety would also be provided spiritually, emotionally and physically by thoughtfully employing reasonably mature couples capable of mentoring other couples. The overall mentor goal of the directors will be to help families treasure God’s design for their own family. This will result in cultivating an authoritative community that provides the elements of nurture and instruction needed to establish and maintain sustainable families as the foundation for a living church, a stable society and a thriving culture.

The model will anticipate the need for training parents. Some parents may have limited educational backgrounds, requiring them to be educated in skills alongside their children. While many churches may feel that they are not in a position to add a K-12 educational ministry to their already very busy and burdened ministries, WCFS has developed a K-12 educational program for churches. Through our affiliate education program, we offer a turn-key educational ministry that pastors can offer to their church families. WCFS will train staff as needed.

The model can provide customary transcripts and diplomas. Curriculum and other program elements will be promulgated, authorized and validated through the WCFS academic system. Careful attention will be given to maximize God’s first authoritative community, the Christian home, as the primary academic hub for foundational education (preschool, primary, elementary and junior & senior high school). Careful attention must be given to each home’s specific needs, opportunities and particulars that make-up the fabric of every family. A church’s participation will provide academic support required for its own community.

EDU-SAFE: For Such A Time As This…

The Bible says that, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19b KJV) The church of Jesus Christ must be that standard to guide those who are confused by the flagrant misrepresentations of our culture’s pseudo-science. The world does not have the knowledge of God: the Church does. Let us build up our communities with godly authority in trustworthy ministry. We must protect, instruct and edify those who are the most vulnerable among us who depend on a trustworthy, authoritative community at church, school and home.

WCFS can help you establish an educational program in your church. Wellspring Christian Family Schools 3 has been helping churches develop their own educational program for over 12 years. Serving well over 2,000 students world-wide, WCFS has five operating campuses: 2 in the US, 2 in South Korea, and 1 in the Philippines. Recognized by the NCAA as an approved umbrella program and by the US military as a tier one academy, WCFS offers a turn-key operation that is of the highest professional caliber, and very affordable.

WCFS has been a premier K-12 educational institution since 1983. Organized as a church-operated nonpublic school, WCFS is approved to supervise home instruction for all students, K-12 in Maryland. WCFS offers a comprehensive program that provides testing, curriculum development, high school course credentialing, high school transcripts and a high school diploma upon successful completion. Our transcripts and diploma have been accepted nationally and internationally. Records and transcripts are maintained professionally and in the customary manner required by the majority of post-secondary institutions.

Our students are individually assessed in order to develop a personalized curriculum that satisfies customary NCAA core course requirements and caters to the interests and desires of each student. WFCS values the God-given role that fathers and mothers have in teaching their children. It is the parents' responsibility to disciple their children and education is a critical part of that discipleship. WFCS works to encourage fathers and mothers in their respective, God-ordained tasks. Our vision is for fathers to oversee their children’s education through ample time spent with them in home-based academic pursuits. Mothers are the heart of every home and their role is most significant for homeschool success. We seek to inspire and assist parents to fulfill their roles! Prayerfully give us a call; we are delighted at the prospects to work with you for the Kingdom’s sake!

3 formerly DBA: Walkersville Christian Family Schools

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