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Becky's Tips for Graduates

Becky presented the following remarks to the Class of 2023 at the Commencement Exercises on June 3.

They have been adapted for the Developer.

Congratulations Wellspring Christian Family Schools’ Class of 2023!

But why would I say that to you?

Congratulations, first, because in you I see a growing toward a realization that you are not inherently good or worthy but are desiring that One who can make you worthy, that One, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Spirit.

Congratulations, second, because you have your heart bent towards success and you see that success as being the wise person. Consider these themes from Proverbs (remember, I'm seeing you as the wise one):

- Where the fool despises wisdom, the wise love wisdom. - Where the fool listens to his own advice, the wise know that better advice is available.

- Where the fool is reckless, the wise one is cautious.

- Where the fool enjoys quarreling, the wise keep away from unnecessary strife.

- Where the fool despises his father's instructions, the wise listen to correction.

- Where the fool is quick to display his temper, the wise are slow to anger.

- Where the fool despises his mother, the wise one makes glad his father.

Yes, congratulations to you! You are on the right path to success!

Congratulations, third, because in your growing wisdom you are beginning to see that others have sacrificed that you may profit. Why would anyone do that for you? Because they who sacrificed were modeling what they believe about the One, Jesus Christ, who willingly and with great suffering sacrificed for them. You graduates have been privileged to have such a model! Listen to these words from the Valley of Vision page 32. A model sees Christ this way:

“In the manger of birth, in the garden of agony, in the cross of suffering, in the tomb of resurrection, in the heaven of intercession-- realize that Christ is drawing you to know Him well and to find in Him your complete satisfaction.”

Also from the Valley of Vision (the same page with some paraphrasing on my part), hear these words:

“Christ has loved you everlastingly, unchangeably; may you love Him as you are loved. Christ has given Himself for you; may you give yourself for Him. Christ has died for you, may you live for Him in every moment of your time, in every movement of your mind, and in every pulse of your heart.”

Indeed, you are a class I sincerely want to congratulate because you are worthy, made worthy in the living Christ; because you have your heart bent on success and see that success in true wisdom; and because you realize that others have sacrificed for you, modeling Christ.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared before that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2 20).

Congratulations 2023 Seniors of Wellspring Christian Family Schools!

God bless you!

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