The Best Opportunity A Parent Can Offer

As parents we seek to give our child the best option for him in education. Often we take into consideration:

  • opportunities for college scholarship

  • instruction in a favorite sport

  • availability of advanced math and science

And we do want to offer our child opportunities. But what is the best opportunity a parent can offer?

Think: Foundation.

  • Instead of making strong football instruction your reason for choosing your training center, think “foundation.”

  • We know in every area of building that a strong foundation or the “right” foundation is best in the long run.

  • For the Christian that foundation is Jesus Christ, Himself. (1 Cor 3:11). In Him we find truth, purpose (the Way) and we find life (Jn 14:6). But how does this matter when my child is trying to multiply or learning to read? How do I apply this foundation when my child is gifted in piano or basketball? Is this foundation holding my senior back when he knows more that his Christian teacher?

Keep in mind foundations are built to hold for a long time. They are there to make sure the building can fulfill its purpose. Consider these comparative illustrations:

When teaching with Jesus Christ as the Foundation

Teaching reading:

Look at these letters. They go together in different way to make words, then stories or ideas.

Do you know why? We are made in God's image. He wants us to communicate with Him and with each other.

Teaching math:

Numbers follow an order. They have styed the same value through all generations,. God has designed them that way - orderly, consistent, faithful - showing His character. And He has purpose for us to use them to see patterns He has designed. He reveals to man great uses in medicine and all areas of life.

Teaching Literature:

Read to know God better. See man interacting with man in all areas of culture. Discovering how God reveals His traits as we see stories of nature and other subjects.

Teaching History:

Seeing God's story through the ages and man's interaction with God.

When Teaching Man's Best Excellent Education.

Teaching reading:

This is the same, except that usually there is no "why" or purpose. OR Someday you will use this to learn things.

Teaching math:

Numbers are useful in inventions and research. To be useful you must use them accurately. Be exact in small things to get promoted to bigger.

Teaching Literature:

Read to define great literature. See how man uses words to develop your imagination. Read for pleasure and for information.

Teaching History:

Seeing man'