2021: Fearless Exploits

A Year for Exploits

“… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11:32b (KJV)

Exploit (noun): DEED, ACT

especially: a notable, memorable, or heroic act

- Merriam-Webster

2021 has been a year of exploits here at WCFS! Looking back at the past twelve months, we marvel at all that God has allowed us to accomplish for His glory. Join us as we review some of the landmark events of 2021 and celebrate God’s use of the challenges we faced to carry out His perfect plan.

Exploits at Home:

Gary's Exploit of Rest

Last December Gary undertook what may well have been one of the most difficult tasks he has ever been assigned: to rest. On Christmas day he was rushed to the Emergency room after suffering a heart attack. God answered our prayers and preserved his life, but while he recovered, he was forbidden (well, we tried anyway) from taking part in any church or school-related business.

Though it was a genuine trial for him to relinquish the duties he has performed so well for so many years, the state of his health gave him no alternative, and he was forced to step away. But as he would tell you, there was no greater joy for him during this season than seeing how God provided! Not only did God preserve Gary’s life, but He also preserved the WCFS ministry, bringing in the right people at the right time to enable us to carry on while he recovered. One such person was Timothy Shell, graduate of WCFS and missionary to East Asia for the past 20 years. Timothy took up many of Mr. Cox’s speaking duties and has been a tremendous blessing to the ministry. You may read more of Tim’s testimony here: New Ministry Dynamics at WCFS: A Special Update from Tim Shell.

Midyear Teacher's Conference

Our topic for the January’s Midyear Teacher’s Conference was Knowing God and Doing Exploits. Tim reminded us of the greatest exploit of all: Loving the Unlovely, during the conference’s keynote session, and the idea of fearless exploits has remained our theme throughout this year.

Family Heritage Expo

This year’s Family Heritage Expo was held here on our campus on May 2nd. The students’ projects were put on display for viewing and judging in WCF’s fellowship hall while the students played games and enjoyed a picnic on the back lawn. It was a delight to see executive function at work in the creative projects they made and the God-honoring testimonies they wrote.

Storm Cleanup