You Are Chosen

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” 1 Peter 2:9 (NKJV).

Such joy you bring me as I picture your school living and declaring this verse. Speaking to Christians we see some glorious truths unfold and acknowledge a very good purpose in all of the energy that goes into homeschooling: ”You are a chosen people.” Speaking of Christians, this is who you are. You were chosen and made worthy. Remember how in years past you wondered if you would be chosen – to be his wife? for the raise? to be able to go? for the team?

But in Christ we can rest in being chosen. Help your children feel the excitement of being the one chosen. Can we picture what this means and what the opposite would be?

“His own special people,”…Special. He intends not to leave us. Special. He enjoys supplying our needs. Special. He enjoys watching us carry out our assignment. We want each student to know who the special people are and how you become special.

“That you may proclaim the praises of Him.” Now we have a purpose, a worthwhile purpose, a defined and attainable purpose, an eternal purpose. God makes instruction so clear. He tells us that we are special and chosen and this is why. Don’t complicate what your school goal should be. Accept God’s instruction and focus all academics and all activities on this one goal – proclaiming the praises of Him – making sure that He is seen as glorious.

Who is the “Him” who is worthy of our praise? The one “who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Two Roads

Can’t you picture two roads?

One so extremely dark that no color can be seen. Fear seems to envelop you. Darkness so penetrates that you often wonder if you are making progress.

But then you are chosen.

You are immediately set onto another road. Flowers are blooming. Colors are vibrant. The air is fresh. Fear is erased. The believing Christian’s path has been given. God, Himself, has come to live in you. Light, marvelous light, penetrates everything, allowing you to teach and learn. Allowing you to make right decisions, discarding the folly.

Night after night, as you put your head on your pillow you saturate yourself with the delight of being chosen. And you surrender anew to God for wisdom.

The Joy of Being Chosen

Sitting at your kitchen table on a cloudy day, with at least one fretful student, how do you display the joy of being chosen? How do you incorporate this purpose of praising?

I absolutely love these questions. My first response would be that you don’t do anything – anything different, that is. Simply keep doing what God directs you to do as morning by morning and night by night you surrender to Him. You continue to seek Him in His Word.

But you will notice a change taking place. A change in your attitude as you keep a clear vision of what it means to be chosen – how eternally valuable it is to be chosen. You will grow in your longing for your children to understand what it means to be chosen and how they are transformed when chosen.

Also, as you keep looking to shower praises on “the One who brought you from darkness” You will notice opportunities in everyday activities.

So, expect this transformation as you dedicate yourself and your school anew to what we see in this portion of Scripture and what it points to in all of Scripture.

The Purpose of Being Chosen

Yet we like tangible glimpses into what we might say or do to carry out this teaching to know the value and purpose of being chosen.

• There are phrases in this verse that I did not talk about here. Consider adding depth to the understanding of this teaching by looking at Exodus 19:6 Consider also the effect of sin and Israel’s position and the role the Church and Christ play.

• Look at trials with the questions of, “What are you asking of me, God?” “What are you doing through this?” “How can I praise you when I feel so torn?”

• Respond with the unexpected. Students often make outrageous comments because they know that those comments will cause some type of stir. Instead stay calm. Ask the child a question. Require a response. Then tuck this comment into your “to-do” notebook with the realization that you will have to pray about what heart root needs digging out.

• Do not force artificial praise as: “After we read our Bible, we will all list something to be thankful for.” Instead ask, “If I’m thankful for anything, where did that come from?” OR “Why would anyone be thankful?” OR Discuss something simple, like, “I have two pieces of bubblegum and plan to keep both for myself because I’m very thankful for them.”

• Beware during assignments: While our goal is to worship as we do our research paper or any other assignment, we do not want to set up idols that we bow to. We sincerely want the goodness of God to be noticed and acknowledged, but not by a bothersome formula.

• After reading aloud and enjoying together good literature, you might simply say, “God had a good idea when he established language. The words in this reading really gave me delight.” This is more a focus you keep than a formula you follow.

• After noticing something absolutely jaw-dropping in science, talk about where that plan began or where that energy came from.

Blessings to you as each day you focus on the purposes for which you were drawn to teach, “…that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Love, Becky

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