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The Wisest Instructor

1. Great Hope

As we prepare for the year ahead, how comforting is, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” (Psalm 32:8) Make a chart or card of this verse and keep it near you all year. Or paint it on your wall for eye contact for you and your children. How wise is the parent/teacher who shows her student that she has this wisest instructor – her own heavenly father.

This verse drives another point home for me. It reminds me of the never-ending value of the WORD of GOD. It reminds me to be diligent in my study of the WORD so that I can more faithfully represent Christ in all of my teaching. There is nothing in all of life that you or your student will ever face that the WORD fails in giving direction. Your most valuable study time is that time you spend pondering, reading, meditating, studying, memorizing what God wrote to you so that you might know HIM and His ways. 2. A Refreshing Look at Discipline

Recently I’ve been led to see a new angle in Championship Christian Education’s child training instruction.

Consider this:

When we think of disciplining children we are usually thinking of aggravating, difficult or scary situations. Rarely, if ever, do we think of needing child training help if our child is responding just right to all of our instruction.

So, consider that these difficult situations may be gifts from God to assure that you are training your child for the LEADERSHIP position that God has in the future.

Therefore, instead of moaning through repetitive instruction, picture yourself CHOSEN of God to train leaders of sound Biblical thinking. In this position you will feel privileged and trusted rather than burdened.

3. Preparing for Old Age NOW

This is a warning! If it was given to me through the years, I failed to hear it. I’ve already done this at workshop in greater length, but I’m compelled to keep reminding you!

You are being fed a non-Biblical view of old age. Begin now to recognize the non-Biblical view and refresh yourself of the Biblical view. By the time I reached old age (80), I was indoctrinated unwittingly with a world view that was not Bible centered. It happened without my notice and it subconsciously affected my attitude and response.

Consider yourself warned and beware! It is not too early to begin instructing your children. (Prov. 16:31; Is. 46:4; Job 12:12; Ps. 92:14; 2 Cor. 4:16)

So, what have I learned:

· Old age is good because it is given by God for a purpose.

· Suffering, disability may be a part of that purpose and is received with that understanding.

· Every age group (including the over 80) has the same goal – glorify God by loving Him with all of your heart, soul and mind and others as yourself. (Matt. 22: 37-38)

4. Ideas for Championship

Suppose you want your pre-teen to have a better attitude toward work. Of course, when you see this misunderstanding of a Bible teaching, you notice and make plans for more life-giving instruction. Work is a privilege. How did she miss that instruction?

But for now…

She admits that she doesn’t like to do that kind of work-- house chores. You might challenge her with:

· Liking to do chores is one reason for doing them but might there be other reasons? Together list other reasons. Don’t fall prey to arguing about what she likes.

· When a child is consistently misbehaving: instead of getting caught in the wheel of repeated warning or threats try:

"While you are doing _____, what do you think God is doing?" (There will probably be no response or a negative response.) Continue with, “Would you be surprised to know that through all of that behavior He is pouring out His love onto you? He is drawing you to Himself, even if there are consequences. No wonder you feel sad when you act so offensively.”

Hope your summer is sailing by smoothly!

Love, Becky

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