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Ascribe to the Lord His Glory


Psalm 29:2 "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness."

1Chronicles 16:29 "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; bring an offering and come before Him!"

Psalm 96:8 "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; bring an offering, and come into His courts."

I've been wrapping gifts and baking cookies to prepare for a family day of celebrating. Then the phrase, "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name" came floating gracefully across my brain and heart. (I looked that up to get the exact Scriptures.) I realized that gifts and cookies could be a part of my celebrating but were not to be given the position of occupying all of my thoughts, time, energy. I want to put my thoughts on what the sacrifice of Jesus leaving heaven meant for God. I want to picture Jesus as the only worthy one to receive glory. I want to take unhurried moments to meditate on John 1, Hebrews 1:1-3, Revelation 4:11 and others.

The challenge is on. Think of the "glory due his name."

Finding Time for School

I'm beginning to get a clearer picture of WHY I struggle to finish all of the tasks. This struggle is rooted in the great warfare between angels and God long before I was born.

I've been trying to solve the problem with better planning and delegating. While plans may work for a season the problem always resurfaces. We feel guilty because the laundry piles high or someone who needs my visit or attention is put off until later. But alas! I can go to the root. Get a clear picture. Proceed from there.


*Pray - Father, I know that the enemy is trying to confuse and control my time. (Maybe by controlling my attitude.) Help me. I surrender.

* Listen as God directs me. Willingly add to and eliminate from my schedule. Yes, I will be willing to eliminate what God shows me is robbing from best.

* Continue to recognize that this process will be repeated.

* Thank God for giving courage and direction.

Just not getting it

Recently I had a mother ask, "What do you do when you realize your older student does not understand math concepts?" When considering this question, I realized that at any point of "just not getting it," regardless of the subject, consider:

1. Teach and marvel in the fact that GOD is ALWAYS the only Revealer. Please DO NOT IGNORE this step. Understanding this point allows teaching with peace and without anxiety. We must ask God to reveal. Be comforted that He absolutely will, according to His loving and perfect timing. Be excited about this. Be grateful to be believers - the only ones who can have this certainty. Start each day with this reminder and expectation.

2. After you are confident that you have “Step One” running smoothly, consider: Starting over. This is implemented simply by breaking the failure barrier. For example: you may say to your older student that you are changing methods and this method will be a winning approach in your subject. Then take steps to assure victory. Steps such as:

● illustrating

● story telling

● doing work together

● reading to the student

● showing relevance in life

3. Pray with your student. Pleading with God is certainly a part of praying. But because you are following step one, you will also pray with singing and thanksgiving. Rejoice even in limitations in that limitations protect you from going through doors that God is not opening for you.

4. Realize that some students learn "in time." Be patient. Repeat. Stay encouraging. In the math question above keep showing the concept with practical emphasis.

5. Show where God in creation, in sustaining put numbers (or your subject) in order. He uses numbers to make life more comfortable and certain. Get the big picture of a Good God at work because He loves us and wants a good environment for us.

6. Continue to assure your student that you are working together under divine help. Therefore you will finish the course with all that God intended at this time. Continue to walk in obedience as He answers your prayers.

7. In working with your student continue to research your situation as you are led but not without hope. Look for answers. Be open to suggestions but KNOW that all is well. Rest. Your student does not benefit from your underlying panic. Neither do you show the position of Sovereign God as you operate in a state of unrest.

Enjoy your student. Be grateful that YOUR God is the all-knowing one.

Love, Becky

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