Delight in the Season

Fools are Rescued

Read 1 Corinthians 1:20-31.

These are thoughts from day 25 of Paul David Tripp’s Come Let Us Adore Him, an advent devotional.

A fool is someone so wise that he does not need God, His Word or his help. God, our Creator, is most aware that sin reduces all of us to fools. In this sinful condition, we have the ability to hear foolishness and think it is wisdom. Everyday that we live without God in our thoughts, and his glory our motivation, we functionally deny the existence of God. Since that fool (me) has no ability to rescue herself, God planned Christmas and provided that rescue.

This is a good season to compare the wise and the fool and to offer praise and gratitude that God planned a rescue for a fool like me.

Delight in the Season

School is in session. In the everyday preparations for Christmas that you share with your family, plan a teaching and learning opportunity. Be real and not forced. Be joyful as you share. Engage in debate where helpful. Examples:

1) Wrapping gifts.Talk together about why we give gifts.What motivates us to give? Why are we eager to get? Why does Christmas remind us of that greatest gift?

2) Kitchen work- food preparation.Traditionally this time is used for the study of fractions, and this is good and practical. For this season consider asking:Why do we bake?

How does all of this food preparation relate to celebrating? If the food connects us to celebrating, what are we celebrating? Beware of trite answers and go to the core looking for words like, “sacrifice” and “obedience.”

3) Packing because you are celebrating Christmas abroad.Why do we go to all of this trouble?Why are we anxious to see Grandpa?Where do our desires come from?Where will we be traveling? Map it. How will we encourage travelers we meet along the way?

4) House cleaning, perhaps to prepare for overnight guests. Is the house the only thing that needs cleaning? Do I feel stressed, rushed, showing my lack of trust?

5) Guests coming and my anticipation. Recognize that I should have anticipation always for the coming again of the Redeemer. It was foretold that he would come as a baby and he did. It is promised that he will come again and we watch and prepare. From I Give You Glory, O God (Bridges. Page 40) “And so we bring glory to God by believing in his promise.”

End of Calendar Year

How do we evaluate our school without becoming overwhelmed and defeated? A few considerations:

1) Apply the same grace to your work that you know is available to you through Christ.

2) Write down a few things that you plan to work on beginning in January. Keep the list reasonable and specific. Begin now to pray for those listed areas. Pray specifically for wisdom, tools, information, support and surrender.

3) Discuss second semester goals with each of your elder students. Take seriously even their ridiculous comments.

4) Plan for some real learning opportunities that will shock your students but offer academic dividends.