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WCFS Science Course

Physical Science

Grungy Paper

Physical Science

1 Credit - May Satisfy one WCFS Science course requirement, or fulfill an Elective

Course Description:

Physical Science is designed to teach God’s design the creation of the physical world to the high school student. Physical Science will cover all 16 Modules of the textbook over a 7 lecture series of 2 modules per lecture except for 3 modules for the last two lectures. Study methods will include classroom lectures, reading of text, On Your Own review questions, module lab experiments or other projects to complete 120 QSU®’s of study in the classroom and outside projects combined.


The WCFS Physical Science class will develop a Biblical foundation to science that will interpret scientific evidence of the everyday, ordinary world by the Scriptures. Study elements will include lectures, reading assignments, labs, outlines, essays, and written exams.


1 credit will be earned by completing this course.


The course is open to all high school students. Credit will be granted to students who complete all 7 lectures, and complete all assignments. The student’s completed portfolio must be displayed at the Family Heritage Expo™ in April. DVD Make-up classes will be provided to student’s with an approved absence.

Grade Determination:

Generally, grades will be based upon the following criteria: 15% of the grade will come from lecture attendance and note-taking; 50% of the grade will come from the timeliness and quality of homework submittals; 15% of grade will come from the labs or projects; and 20% of the grade will come from the module tests. Use of a QSU® Log is required for homework assignments, and must be presented weekly at class, signed by parents and student. All work is required to be kept in a portfolio with each section containing similar material. (i.e. Test section, notes section etc.)

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