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WCFS Creation Science Class:


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5.4.1 (a) Required Course: Origins

 Description of Course Content: One science credit shall be earned from a course exploring the Biblical and scientific evidence for a young earth and a literal six-day Creation.

Objective: The objective of the course is to help students have a clear understanding of the Biblical account of Creation, and the primary Biblical and scientific evidence supporting a young earth and literal six-day Creation. Students will be challenged to think both Biblically and critically about the competing theories of Creation and will have opportunity to research contemporary controversies over origins.

Methodology: The course shall be a hands-on practicum, designed to engage students to consider the Genesis account of Creation in the context of the entirety of Scripture and scientific evidence. Students shall study the Biblical narrative and commentary about Creation as well as the differing interpretations of the Biblical narrative. Students shall examine the competing theories of origins (Creation and Evolution) and how scientific evidence supports or contradicts both theories.

Curriculum: The WCFS course “Creation Science” (available Fall 2021) and will satisfy this requirement.  A parent-developed course incorporating approved resources from a young earth, literal six-day Creation perspective will also satisfy this requirement.


Approved resources include materials published by Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, and Creations Studies Institute. While resources focusing on Intelligent Design may also be included, the primary perspective must be from a young earth, six-literal day perspective.