Nathaniel Bowditch Mentoring Clinic

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The NMB Clinic is a mentoring event composed of individual classes, meetings, and projects. 



Through the Clinic, WCFS seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Teach our students Biblical truth about important and current topics.

  • Help our students develop responsibility and take initiative for their own education by providing resources to keep them accountable and encouraged on a regular basis.


The Clinics are conducted on Wednesdays, in three consecutive nine week sessions. Specific dates are listed on your WCFS calendar.



The clinics are held at the WCFS Office is Sabillasville. 


09:00 am - Arrival

09:30 am - Class

11:00 am - One On One Reviews/Work Projects

12:00 am - Departure

Credit Value

As the Clinic includes two .5 credit classes, completing the clinic is worth 1 credit.

Below is a detailed description of each component

of the NBM clinic. 

9:00 am

Gary Cox 

Joel Fischer

11:00 am

Administrative Staff

11:00 am

WCFS Staff

Live Class

Current class: Origins 101 


Concentrated classes such as Origins 101, or it's predecessor, Applied Citizenship 101, are provided in specific subject areas or academic skills that also provide coaching and mentoring relationships.


Our goal is that the student will be able to learn how to access opportunities by godly self-initiative and develop faithfulness in all things, which is the key to godly promotion in this world and the next.


Collegiate style standard course rigor; 0.5 credit fore each class.


Though it varies per year, on average we offer one class per semester. 

​One On One Reviews


This portion of the clinic is designed for high school students in need of more accountability and motivation in order to meet their academic goals. 


 - To provide deadlines and achievement standards which will challenge the  students and tap into their God-given reserves of energy, adventure and significant work and service to others.

 - To train the students to become productive in order to provide for their own needs and others. This may include a requirement for students to pay their own way in tuition and fees, at least for certain specific projects.

 - To provide peer mentoring in specific goals and related projects; especially maintaining goals that are common to God's goals for man in family and community as His servants and ambassadors.

 - Increase accountability using the WCFS QSU Log student achievement recording system.


Individual students will meet with staff to trouble shoot and resolve academic problems.

QSU™ logs will be checked for goal completions and signatures of dad.

Work Projects



This portion of the clinic takes place at the same time as the one-on-one reviews, and has been designed to teach the students practical life skills through various work projects.


To provide an outlet for physical activity, skill building, and teamwork.


Students who are waiting for or finished with their one-on-one reviews will complete assigned tasks to the satisfaction of their supervisor.

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