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Initiation Course

Testing Candidates

for Successful Mission Practice

at Home and Abroad

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FIT for the FIELD?


The WCFS Missions Initiation Course will rigorously test those seriously considering deploying to the mission field whether short or long term, at home or abroad.

Subject material will include:

  • Key matters critical to preparation for and successful practice of missions.

  • Testimonies of real failures and successes of missionaries that will empower students to succeed in missions by imitating their successes and avoiding their failures.

  • An overview of mission history from Acts to the Present will be followed by the key subjects, expecting students to promptly embrace and apply the truth presented in their daily walk with Christ.

The course is designed for students who are eager to be transparent about personal lives in the spirit of Psalm 139:23-24 and to embrace real change where necessary to fit themselves for God's work.

Students must be prepared for an intense spiritual environment which may include much spiritual revelation, vision and joyful anticipation of serving God and overcoming evil with good as well as painful examinations, confessions and gruesome encounters with God's Holy Spirit as He deals with their hearts.

Course Details


Timothy R. Shell



Age Limit


Anyone younger who wishes to attend must:

  • have special approval from the instructor

  • have a parent to assist them in processing the information

  • be a member in good standing of a local church

  • provide a Pastoral reference. 

Course Intensity Level


This course requires major heart searching, honesty, and willingness to open up. Plus it has home work and big reading assignments. 


Students may register using the either the automatic form or the PDF below. Registration will also be available at the first class. 

Tuition Cost

High School credit: $105.00 for the first student, $75 for each additional student. 

Auditing the class: $90.00 for the first student, $75 for each additional student. 

Required Materials

  • Bible: any common translation, teacher will be using KJV.

  • Two Notebooks: Private Notes for self and Public Notes to share with class and teacher.

  • Course Text: On Being a Missionary, by Thomas Hale (can get up to nine copies from Timothy on order). (must read complete text by end of course to qualify for credit)

  • Required Reading:


Time and Date

6:30pm each Friday for ~9 weeks, beginning on March 19, 2021. 


WCFS Office


The course will start with a review of mission history, followed by a progressive cycle of preparation. This preparation will begin with vetting each heart for sin and damages and continue through the general and specific calling of a saint, their consecration to God's service, contact with the people and their enemy, conflict and overcoming, and finish with recovery and re-engagement.

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