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Affiliate Branch Academies

A WCFS Affiliate Academy is a member of WCFS' Heritage Educational License Program (HELP). Upon completing the WCFS Educational License Agreement, member programs are granted the use of the proprietary WCFS academic administrative system to provide their students with credentials and transcripts from the widely recognized WCFS program.

Affiliate schools may adopt the turnkey WCFS program, or creatively adapt our program to fit their philosophy and needs. Once approved, all certifications and approvals held by WCFS are extended to all member schools in good standing.

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Homeschool Global (Formerly TMA) is a non-stock, non-profit homeschooling program that is accredited in the Philippines (via the Philippine Department of Education), and the U.S. (via a partnership with Walkersville Christian Family Schools). It is one of the pilot Home Education Programs (HEP) of the Philippine Department of Education, and currently has students enrolled in 17 different Philippine provinces and 17 different countries.

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Based in Westminster, MD, Westminster Christian Family Schools became the first US-based affiliate in 2014.

Global Homeschool Academy

Global Homeschool Academy is based in South Korea as WCFS's second branch academy.  

Joshua International Academy

The Joshua International Academy was founded in February 2006 in order to protect the interests of South Korea's home-school parents and students.

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Information about Affiliate Academies

Who May Become an Affiliate Academy?
Bona-fide churches or 501c3 religious non-profits may become an affiliate with WCFS.

WCFS conducts all its ministry in conjunction with its biblical values. Affiliate members must agree with our statement of faith.​


What does a License Provide?
A WCFS Educational License Agreement provides a complete academic oversight system and administration.

Our system approves courses, verifies the quality of student work and provides academic transcripts that conform to the standards of most post-secondary institutions, including a WCFS high school diploma. The WCFS program provides detailed steps of administration for affiliates.

These include a statement of philosophy and purpose, the specifics of the educational program, instruction methods, curriculum and student records for elementary and/or high school. 

High school credits will be awarded by the Carnegie-styled QSU® developed by WCFS.


Is There Flexibility?
WCFS is designed with the home in mind.

Not only do approved courses fit into the home environment seamlessly, but we have developed an outstanding system for taking many opportunities at home and making creditworthy courses. These courses express the dynamic of each unique home school student.

Flexibility is the chief component of the WCFS  program and philosophy.

An affiliate academy may use our system as a turnkey operation or modify it in keeping with the core standards established by the license program.

Member schools are trained and approved through an initial application process.

Final approval means that the license holder is in satisfactory compliance with all WCFS system requirements.


How Do We Join the WCFS System​​​​​​​​​?

​​Upon application and payment of certain fees, the applicant’s administrative staff attend a training seminar in which the WCFS system is taught and details of the program are set forth.

The applicant’s educational program is developed and approved according to the agreement.
The affiliate school will have a minimum of 1-2 years to complete all the necessary development of their program. WCFS will be available throughout the process to assist member schools with details of compliance and implementation.

Details for approval and the license agreement may be had upon request.

Currently, WCFS has member schools in S. Korea and the Philippines.

We have students in China, New Zealand, Canada, Norway and many Creative Access Nations around the world.

We would love to have you join this endeavor for the advancement of quality education at home and around the world.