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What is Ignitia?

"Ignitia is a versatile online Christian curriculum and learning management system with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed to serve teachers and students in elementary, middle, and high school."

100% Online!


Full, streamlined, user-friendly curriculum

Customizable to meet the needs of each of your students

Designed for Grades 3 through 12

Instantaneous feedback and grading system

Perfect for students who need extra structure and accountability

Great for students who can work independently

Perfect for families new to homeschooling

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How much does Ignitia cost?

$275 per student license.

How do I register for Ignitia?

By clicking here or on any other registration button on this page!

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How do I enroll my student in a course?

Just like you would enroll them in any other course under us: fill out their Course Registration Form!

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Is there a discount for enrolling in only one Ignitia course?

No. Whether you enroll your student in 1 or 100 Ignitia courses, the cost is the same: $275 per student license.

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What courses does Ignitia offer?

You can view Ignitia's course catalog here.

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How many courses can a student take in Ignitia?

With our unlimited license your student can take as many Ignitia courses as you want at no additional cost!

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