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Teacher Tutorials

Deep Dive Into the Gradebook

Meet your best friend; the Student Gradebook!
In this tutorial you will learn all you need to know to navigate your student's Gradebook like a pro and keep track of how they are doing.

TOR Troubleshooting Guide: Student not progressing

How to find unresolved Teacher action requirements

How to find course start and end dates in Ignitia!

In this tutorial we will show you how to easily find the start and end dates for your Ignitia course.

The Actions Tab: "Grade Assignment"

In this tutorial we will go over the step by step process for grading a student assignment in Ignitia.

Reassigning Questions via Gradebook

In this tutorial we will reassign a question through the Gradebook. Sometimes you may wish to reassign a question that never showed up in your Actions tab. Here is how you can do that.

The Actions Tab: “Assignment Blocked”

How to resolve the 'Assignment Blocked' alert.

WCFS Ignitia Policies

Coming Soon!

Please check back later for an update!

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