Graduation Requirements

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Credit Requirements

These requirements represent the minimum credits allowed by law for private schools in the state of Maryland.

WCFS will uphold your State's credit requirements if they differ from those of Maryland. 

If they wish to, students are welcome to add additional credits based on their desired emphasis of study.

A student shall earn a minimum of 21 credits for graduation.


Generally, a minimum of 16 of these credits shall be in the areas specified below:

    Bible                               - 4 credits
    Christian Service            - 1 credit
    English-Language Arts   - 4 credits  (2 in Writing/Grammar; 2 in Literature)
    Social Studies                 - 2 credits  (one must be United States History with Government emphasis)
    Science                           - 2 credits
    Mathematics                   - 2 credits
    Phys. Ed.                        - 1 credit
    Work Study                     - 1 credit


An additional 5 elective credits minimum shall be earned in accordance with the student's area of focus.

Bible Requirements

Bible is required every year.


Bible courses may be used to satisfy the graduation requirements for some English/Language Arts or Social Studies courses.


A student may also use Bible courses to satisfy a part of the elective credits.


Special written approval is needed for these alternatives.


If a student has missing Bible credit requirements, they may satisfy them by focusing their studies in other courses on a Biblical topic, for instance, Bible history or Bible literature.

Note that the student will not receive two credits for a Bible-focused course. Rather, they will receive one check-off for Bible, and one credit for the other course. 

Other Requirements

Graduates must complete a 15 page (minimum) Research Paper and enter the paper in the Family Heritage Expo.

WCFS and the NCAA

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