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Graduation Requirements

Grungy Paper

Credit Requirements

These requirements represent the minimum number of credits prescribed by law for a student to earn in order to graduate from a private school in the state of Maryland.

WCFS will uphold your state's credit requirements if they differ from those of Maryland. 

A student shall earn a minimum of 21 credits to be eligible for graduation.


A minimum of 17 of credits shall be earned in the subjects specified below:

  Bible                                      - 4 credits  (1 credit through fulfilment of required BFSG* course)
  English Grammar/Writing   - 2 credits 

  English Literature                 - 2 credits
  Mathematics                        - 2 credits

  Science                                 - 2 credits  (.5 credit through fulfilment of required Origins 101 course)

  Social Studies                       - 2 credits  (.5 credit through fulfilment of required Applied Citizenship course)
  Physical Education               - 1 credit
  Work Study                           - 1 credit

  Christian Service                  - 1 credit


An additional 4 elective credits minimum shall be earned in accordance with the student's interests.

If they wish to, students are welcome to add additional credits based on their desired emphasis of study.

* Biblical Foundations of Self Government

Bible Requirements

Bible is required every year.


Bible courses may be used to satisfy the graduation requirements for some English/Language Arts or Social Studies courses.


A student may also use Bible courses to satisfy some of their elective credits.


Special written approval is needed for these alternatives.


If a student has missing Bible credits, they may satisfy them by focusing their studies in other courses on a Biblical topic, for instance, Bible History or Bible Literature.

Note that the student will not receive two credits for a Bible-focused course. Rather, they will receive one check-off for Bible, and one credit for the other course. 

Research Paper Requirements

The submission of a 15 page Research Paper written by the student is a requirement for graduation. 

Completing the Research Paper may fulfill half (0.5) a credit's worth of their Grammar requirement, if the student chooses to opt into more writing and a heavier grammar emphasis as directed by the instructor.

Content Requirements:

  • While the paper does not have to be of a spiritual nature, it should have a positive testimony to the Lord and not be offensive to the Christian faith and Biblical values.

  • The paper must cite a minimum of 5 sources.

  • A standard system of footnoting must be used.


Layout Requirements - the paper must:


  • Include a professional cover page. (MLA format, etc.) 

  • Be at least 15 pages long, excluding cover, bibliography and appendixes. 

  • Be double-spaced, typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman (or very similar) font.

  • Have all charts, photos, and maps placed as appendixes to the text.


A student completing the Research Class elective offered by WCFS in a satisfactory manner will have met the requirements for the Senior Research Paper.

See the High School Handbook, Section ​5.10 for more information.

Information for Prospective Graduates

What you need to know regarding graduation and senior year activities

Every student must complete a graduation request form. 
All sections of the form must be completed and the form submitted by January 10! 

In order to graduate, a WCFS student must meet each of the following criteria

  • All credits are completed according to WCFS requirements.

  • All records and tuition payments are received and approved.

  • All end of year reports must be completed and submitted prior to graduation before a signed diploma is given at graduation.

  • The required research paper is completed, approved and entered on time in the WCFS EXPO.

Mandatory Senior Class Meeting: 


This meeting will cover graduation issues and students will pick up caps and gowns.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be taking place at the Mid-Year Conference.

 If circumstances prevent you from attending, please notify the WCFS Office ASAP. 

Participation in WCFS Student Council/Senior Class Committee Activities: 
The WCFS Student Council meets regularly for the purpose of encouraging student interaction, leadership, and spiritual development among those intending to graduate from high school. The Senior Class Committee currently exists as part of the Student Council. Your participation is greatly encouraged! 

Senior Records Clearance Deadline:
All seniors who were not cleared for graduation at an earlier portfolio review must come to the WCFS office on this day with all their work and records for a final review. You will receive notice for the time of your appointment. Contact the WCFS Office for special arrangements. 


WCFS and the NCAA

Why we care about the NCAA's rules.

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