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Our school offers three enrollment options;

Need curriculum help?

Thinking of college admissions?

Looking for healthy socialization?

Academy does it all!

Want to be left alone?

Don't need much oversight?

Not worried about diplomas?


Review has you covered!

Living outside of Maryland?

Distance is no problem!

WCFS Academy (for MD families)

If you're seeking a program that provides accountability and support, is built around family needs, maintains thorough records, and awards recognized diplomas, you have found it. 



 - Applies only to Maryland residents. If your family is living in MD (or really close by), and you are seeking full academic assistance, Academy is the right choice for you out of our three options. 


 - Provides validated transcripts and diplomas. With us, you can lay aside any worry about college admissions. 

 - Offers placement testing and course development consultations, to help you discover your student's knowledge level and where to go from there.

 - Has extensive resources. Whether it be Course Objective guides, Reporting Forms, Handbooks, or calendars, we make sure you are fully equipped to teach your children.


 - Utilizes Home Visits, Portfolio Reviews, and Mentoring Clinics to provide academic oversight and ensure student accountability. 

 - Includes conferences, workshops, and field trips where families may learn from and fellowship with other Christians homeschoolers.

 - Is easily adapted for remote learning through the use of video calls and YouTube livestreams.

 - Supplies Christian alternatives to public school curricula. Whether it be Creation vs Evolution, gender studies, or America's Christian history, we'll help you design and select courses to teach your children the truth, honor God, and prepare them to be ambassadors to the world. 


WCFS Review (for MD families) 

If you're looking for the simplest, cheapest, most hassle-free way to legally instruct your child at home in the state of Maryland, this could be it! 





 - Applies only to Maryland residents. If your family is living in (or very close to) MD, and all you need are your legal bases covered, Review is probably the perfect choice! 


- Satisfies the requirements of Maryland law for homeschool academic oversight. Enrolled with us, the state can't touch you

 - Requires almost no paperwork! Aside from your application form, the only documents to submit are the 1st and 2nd semester Course Registration forms.

 - Leaves you alone. Other than a Portfolio Review with a WCFS staff member at the end of each Semester, you'll receive no supervision or oversight from us.

 - Is customizable. For some extra fees, you may add services to the basic Review program, tailoring it to your family's needs. These services include:

  • Curriculum Consultations

  • IA, PSAT, or Individual Assessment Testing

  • Extra Portfolio Reviews

  • WCFS High School Courses

  • Monthly Training Workshops


 - Provides no diplomas. Since Registration forms and Portfolio Reviews don't provide enough of a record to create a transcript from, REVIEW STUDENTS DO NOT RECEIVE TRANSCRIPTS OR DIPLOMAS when they complete 12th grade. 

WCFS Distance (for non-MD families)


If you'd like to join our Academy program, but you live outside the state of MD or overseas, this program offers a solution. 


 - Is designed for families living outside the State of Maryland. Distance is not intended for and not applicable to Maryland residents. To fulfill MD law, MD families must enroll either with Academy or Review. Distance was created to assist everyone else.

 - Is very similar to Academy. We have adapted our Academy program to facilitate families living out of state or internationally, while still offering academic support, school records, transcripts, and diplomas. 

 - May be used to help fulfill the Compulsory Attendance requirements in your area. Since we are legally recognized as a non-public school, registering with us often enables families to meet many of the the requirements of the educational laws in their area. Note the word 'many', not 'all'.  You will still need to contact your local officials and file whatever notices or evaluations they require for homeschoolers in your school district. Enrolling with us will assist you with, not exempt you from complying with the laws in your area.

 - Has different tuition rates than Academy.