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Earning a High School Diploma

Grungy Paper

Our high school diploma program assists students in developing tailored courses which fulfill our graduation requirements, meet their individual needs, and explore their personal interests.

WCFS awards a high school diploma to students who have completed all required courses and electives and written a 15 page research paper. Our diploma is recognized under the provisions of Maryland State laws for nonpublic schools.


Personalized Study Plans:

Students are free to select their own high school courses, provided they meet the requirements for graduation.

The students may use electives and Bible waivers to focus their course selections on a particular field of interest.


The content of each course will be determined by the student's personal goals and opportunities, and will be completed  using either Standard or Non-Standard study methods.

We advise that students take basic course requirements first, followed by Electives, Work Study and Christian Service later. This will provide more flexibility for them from year to year.

High School Handbook:

Our High School Handbook is a tool we have developed to help the students understand and successfully complete our High School program.

The Handbook describes every step of the process, from Course Registration to Graduation. It also explains our systems of grading and credit, contains useful tools such as the High School Course Planner chart, and offers suggestions and comments for each required subject.

Graduation Requirements:

Follow the link for a full explanation of WCFS High School Graduation Requirements.




WCFS conducts Home Visits twice each year, in which a WCFS staff member will sit down with the student to review and discuss their work and provide assistance or advice where needed.

If the students require more oversight or assistance we will work with them to develop a personalized plan that provides the support they need.

Most questions can be answered by a quick search of our website or the High School Handbook, but if that fails, students are always welcome to call the WCFS office for assistance.


Graduation occurs after final completion of all requirements and payment of all accounts.


Students may participate in the WCFS Commencement Exercises provided they abide by the Code of Dress and Conduct and the requirements of the graduation program.

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