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Available Courses

Grungy Paper

It is the objective of WCFS Academic Clinics to train students to develop faithfulness in small things, which is the key to godly promotion in this world and the next.

All classes and session are designed to enable the student to access and create personal opportunities through godly self-initiative.



WCFS Academic Clinics offer classes and accountability sessions that will train students to take responsibility for their own education and provide resources to help keep the student accountable and motivated on a weekly basis.

High School courses will be offered in specific areas that will promote coaching and mentoring relationships.


A class schedule is provided for each of the courses listed below.



All clinics and any clinic-related activities will be held at the WCFS campus in Sabillasville.

Livestream is usually available for those who cannot attend in person.

Un-listed Classes

If a student desires to take a class that is not listed, please contact our office about your interest. 

Bible and Social Studies
Bible and History.jpg

From World History, to Biblical History, to American History and beyond.

We offer several Clinics that have been recorded and give you the option of taking the classes from home, or at our school office.

Grading is available.

Our American history course is designed for optional CLEP testing at the end of the course.

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