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Camel and Pyramids


2022-2023 series

God’s Heroes are God’s Servants

Grungy Paper
Upcoming Workshops:


Sabillasville - Next Sabillasville Workshop: September

Eastern Shore - Next Eastern Shore Workshop: April 12th

9:30 - 10:20         Sanctuary: God's Heroes are God's Servants Series

                              Gary will share how to pursue God’s Greatest Glory for your homeschool.

10:25 - 11:10       Sanctuary: Championship Education Series – Becky here in person!

                              Becky will share Biblical approaches to your homeschooling.


10:25 – 12:00      WCFS Office: Foundations in Research, Dogmatic Creationism, and Applied Citizenship Classes 

                              Students will watch Mr. Cox’s lecture, then meet with him to review their assignments.


10:30 – 11:10      Outside/Recreation Hall:  Elementary/Junior High Bible Time

                              Join Mr. Fischer as we learn about the No-Name kids in the Bible. 


11:10 – 12:00      Sanctuary: Championship Family Sharing


                            WCFS Classroom: Junior High Adventures

                              Explore God’s Creation with Donna through interactive STEM experiments.  


                            Outside/Recreation Hall: Elementary Recess

                               Fundamentals of Basketball. 


  12:05 - 1:00      Fellowship Hall: Lunch

                             Bring a sack lunch and fellowship with other families.


   1:05 - 3:00       WCFS Office: WCFS Junior High and High School Student Council
Nominate Student Council Officers and brainstorm about this year’s fundraisers.


                             Fellowship Hall: Moms’ Fellowship

                             A time for conversation, discussion, and encouragement.


                             Outside/Recreation Hall: Elementary Adventures
 For elementary-age children whose moms are fellowshipping after lunch

Workshop Schedule:


2023-2024 Schedule TBA


2023-2024 Schedule TBA

Purpose of Our Workshops

The purpose of our workshop program is to provide Biblical encouragement and Christian fellowship for home schooling families.

These meetings provide training in home instruction and allow parents and students to stimulate and learn from one another (Heb. 10:24). 

Workshops include practical tips for home-teaching, scriptural challenges for godly family living, and opportunity for sharing and discussion about raising families and home schooling with other Christians.


Our Sabillasville workshops will be held both onsite and via livestream.

However, our onsite workshops will be open only to WCFS families and permitted guests.




These Workshops are open to all enrolled WCFS families, as well as non-WCFS families, for a small fee. See "Cost" below.




Each attending family must register for the workshop in advance, by emailing or calling the office.

They must also sign our COVID-19 waiver.




Academy Program:

Workshop price included in tuition. 


Review Program:

Package of 6 Workshops  -  $100

Single workshop (first workshop free)  -  $ 25

Workshop Anchor
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