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Code of Dress and Conduct

At all functions and activities sponsored in conjunction with the school, WCFS students are to be a Godly testimony to each other, parents, younger children, and outsiders.


Dress Code:

Families should dress modestly and conservatively, in a way that honors God and others.

Modesty highlights a person's face, not their form. 

Conservative highlights a person's face, not their fashion.


At all times student and family behavior should be edifying and respectful to the Lord, parents, and school authorities. In particular:

      a)  Students are always to be under the direct supervision of an appropriate adult authority

      b)  Students may not congregate to themselves away from the regularly scheduled activities.

      c)  No student may be in or near a car that is not their own when it is occupied by another non-family member (except when accompanied by a parent or guardian).

      d)  No pairing off or social dating practices shall be a part of WCFS activities. This is true even if parents approve of it in their own homes.


Students will be refused the privilege of public participation in WCFS activities if these standards are not honored.


If there is a question, please get a visual check and verbal approval before attending an event or occasion.

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