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Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) During the School Year

1. God always has a purpose In Esther, chapter one, Memucan, a prince of Persia, an advisor to Ahasuerus, gave this advice to the king: “If we don’t reprimand Vashti (the queen), we will have a country of angry women, out of control, who do not know their place. Give her position to a woman who knows her place!” Ahazuerus agreed with his advisor and began his search. Memucan must have felt honored. But we know the rest of the story. God is always about rescue and always about His plan being fulfilled. Instead of controlling a bunch of angry women, God had in mind rescuing His own people, the Jews — and He did. Take a deep breath and read the book of Esther for a good reminder of how God is a

A Letter to Our Granddaughters

One of the special joys of parenthood is the privilege to speak into the lives of our grandchildren, especially when they are the ones asking the questions about our lives and faith. During a recent ‘babysitting’ event at one of our children’s homes, the older granddaughters asked Sally and I some personal questions about how we were married. I have said publicly that our marriage was more of an act of obedience to God than a story from a romance novel. They were curious if we recommended our experience for others to consider. After several hours of happy discussion with them, we followed up with this letter… Dear Granddaughters… It was special for Grandmom and I to spend an hour sharing abo

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