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Raising Leaders

1. Leadership Training One of the things I’m working on is writing guidelines for training in leadership. One of the interesting findings is: we are all training leaders. Every child is going to be an influence somewhere. With this in mind, please consider these questions: 1) Do you have plans for teaching your child how to respond when treated unfairly? Why would he be treated unfairly and what is his responsibility in that situation? 2) Does your curriculum reflect your goals of training your “leaders”; in how to treat others and how to make decisions that make for success? 3) If your chief goal is to glorify God, how do you train leaders to value both their own ideas and ideas of others?

How to Create a Project

The Family Heritage Expo is an exhibition of individual and family projects used to develop academic and vocational skills. WCFS wants to showcase the projects that you use as a curriculum resource for the purpose of glorifying God, exchanging ideas, and giving public testimony. Families display and demonstrate aspects of their home activities that might benefit others. This year’s Expo will be held in conjunction with our Field Day and Picnic at the WCF/S Campus on Saturday, May 4. Details can be found at: https://www.wcfs.edu/expo There could be a project for almost every academic, personal, family or social area of training. The projects you select should be directed toward real needs and

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