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Fools are Rescued Read 1 Corinthians 1:20-31. These are thoughts from day 25 of Paul David Tripp’s Come Let Us Adore Him, an advent devotional. A fool is someone so wise that he does not need God, His Word or his help. God, our Creator, is most aware that sin reduces all of us to fools. In this sinful condition, we have the ability to hear foolishness and think it is wisdom. Everyday that we live without God in our thoughts, and his glory our motivation, we functionally deny the existence of God. Since that fool (me) has no ability to rescue herself, God planned Christmas and provided that rescue. This is a good season to compare the wise and the fool and to offer praise and gratitude that G

Do You Celebrate Christmas with Humble Adoring or Prideful Musing?

The tenderest communion that is possible between God and man is when the needy sinner humbles himself and calls on the Name of the Lord! At that Cross-Point of need, the tender mercy of God spills out upon all who are of a contrite heart and a broken spirit; all who are seeking God with all of their heart because they recognize that they are bound in chains of sin, helpless and hopeless in their guilt and frustration. And those who seek Him are found by Him and they are saved, and are brought into the sheepfold to be nourished and cherished. This sweet communion is offered to all who are sinners, for our sin is the exclusive qualification that makes us the ready and fit object of salvation.

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