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WCFS Course
Biblical Foundations for Family Life

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Biblical Foundations for Family Life 

1 Credit - May satisfy one WCFS Bible, Social Studies or Elective course requirement

Course Description:

Biblical Foundations For Family Life is designed to introduce God’s design for the family to the high school student. Biblical Foundations For Family Life will cover key topics on the family over a 9-week lecture period, and will set forth homework assignments which will require an additional 12 hours of study outside the classroom.


Using standard Bible research techniques, Biblical Foundations For Family Life focuses on the student's development of practical Bible study skills that help the Christian to address issues of life that affect the believer in the everyday, ordinary world. These techniques include using key topic questions or specific personal issues to create a backdrop which opens up Bible study for personal, life-changing instruction as described in 1 Timothy 3:16.

Specific study exercises will be utilized which will promote topical study skills (systematic study) and Bible study skills (book study, chapter by chapter). These techniques will strengthen the students skill in seeking answers from the Word of God and help them begin to draw conclusions based on substance of the scriptural text and humble analysis based upon need and the Holy Spirit’s help.

Biblical Foundations for Family Life - Course Requirements

Course Requirements:

One credit may be earned by completing this course. The course is open to all high school students. Credit will be granted to students who attend all 9 lectures and complete all assignments. The final assignment portfolio must be displayed at the Family Heritage Expo™ in April. Make-up classes may be provided to student’s with an approved absence.


Grade Determination:

Grades will be based upon the following criteria: 1/5 of the grade will come from attendance and participation in class and project activities. 4/5’s of the grade will come from the timeliness and quality of homework submittals. Use of a QSU® Log is required for homework assignments, and must be presented weekly at class, signed by parents and student.

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