Support Programs

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Family Support Programs

​Family Visits

WCFS staff will visit each family 2 or 3 times each year to provide evaluation, support and supervision. 

Office Support

We are here to help! Many times problems can be resolved on the phone. Other times we will schedule a time for the parent and student(s) to come in to the office for more intensive counseling, assistance, etc.


The school newsletters, Family Heritage Developer™ and Student Developer™, provide pertinent information about home schooling and upcoming events. 

The Student Developer™, produced entirely by WCFS Students, has been discontinued. (Any volunteers?)

Legal Oversight

With Family Heritage Matters, WCFS is active with monitoring and lobbying efforts at the Maryland General Assembly and the State Dept. of Education.  Families are kept up-to-on current issues affecting home education and the family. WCFS is a member of the Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE).

Academic Support Programs


New home school parents are required to complete our Home Instruction Orientation program. Information and tools for home instruction are given to the parents including record keeping guidelines and legal considerations.

Kindergarten Program

A kindergarten program is available satisfying the Maryland mandatory kindergarten requirement.

Individual Study Plans

God gives every child different talents and needs. We recommend curriculum based on each child's individual needs. We test each student and discuss with you the results of the tests. We develop each child's recommended program of instruction based on the test results & discernment of the child's nature, talents and needs.

Individual Testing

Testing is done at regular intervals using standardized tests. The results are reviewed carefully with the parents in order to provide feedback on each child's progress and to determine the recommended course program. These tests are given at the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th grade levels. The cost for testing is included in the tuition fees.

Record Keeping Assistance

Parents are advised concerning the appropriate record keeping required to provide a framework of accountability to the Lord and to each other. Individual records are kept in the students' files so that transcripts can be provided. Records can be submitted online through our Reporting Forms site.


State Recognized Diplomas

WCFS awards a high school diploma to students completing the work for their course of study. To receive a diploma, students must complete all required courses and write a 15 page research paper.


Graduation Ceremony

Graduating students, family and friends attend the WCFS graduation ceremonies held every year.  Graduates receive a state-approved high school diploma.  Most WCFS graduates have been accepted into the college of their choice.

Workshops, Conferences and Meetings

Family Leadership Conference

At the end of the summer, families are invited to spend a weekend at a Christian camp. At the camp, we share Biblical foundations and God's vision for families and for education. It is also a wonderful time of recreation and fellowship. For More Info

Midyear Teacher's Conference

In January we hold our Midyear Teacher's Conference designed to stimulate, encourage, refocus and adjust our family's school progress. For More Info


Regularly scheduled meetings provide training in home instruction & allows parents and students to stimulate and encourage one another (Heb. 10:24). These workshops are also open to families not enrolled in WCFS.  There is a small fee for non-WCFS families. For more Info.

Dad's Meetings

These meetings have been discontinued, but may be re-started if anyone is interested.

Student Events and Activities

​Family Heritage Expo

A school-wide Family Heritage Expo™ student project and presentation fair encourages students to challenge their abilities and training in music, arts, crafts, science and all academic areas.

Field Trips and Other Activities

School-wide activities are scheduled throughout the school year including field trips, picnic & field day, high school ski day, student meetings and other activities.


High School Electives & Clubs

Elective Classes are offered in a variety of subjects. These are offered in conjunction with our monthly workshops. In the past, the Chess, Drama, Yearbook, and other clubs used to meet during the regular workshops. If there is interest, these clubs may be re-started.

Apprenticeship / Work Study / Christian Service

Opportunities are available to students to provide valuable training toward a career trade.