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What is WCFS?


Wellspring Christian Family Schools is a church operated educational institution, officially recognized in the state of Maryland since 1983, with a goal to inspire and assist parents in Treasuring God’s Design for their family by promoting academic excellence in their home.



Grungy Paper

Learn why we do what we do.


Meet Our Staff

Get to know our dedicated staff and ministry personnel.



Academic Supervisor

Our ministry professionals are fully dedicated to coming alongside you and your family as you seek to follow God's call in your lives as parents and children. 

With various years of experience and varying degrees of expertise, they seek to serve God, and you as a homeschool family. 

 Part-Time Staff, Interns and Volunteers: The part-time office staff is made up of people who assist WCFS in a wide variety of ways, including audio and video production, the newsletter mailing, website development, and helping to manage certain WCFS events such as the workshops, the Family Leadership Conference and EXPO. Without the Part-Time Staff, Interns and Volunteers the School would not be able to function as smoothly or effectively. 

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