About WCFS

Our Mission: Godly Children

Because [God] is seeking godly children. (Malachi 2:14-15).

Our Mission is to inspire Christians to Treasure God’s Design for the Family® and to promote academic excellence by using the home as God designed it for the training and development of children.

Walkersville Christian Family Schools has been a homeschool academy since 1983. We are committed to helping parents provide a Christ-centered, quality education for your children, in your home.

At WCFS, we help parents to raise up Godly Children in an ungodly world. It is a very difficult task! What does success look like?
Success Looks Like A Child who is…

Loved: Emotionally satisfied
Feels the Love of God in their heart and is confident to stand alone by the Holy Spirit and on the Word.
Loving: Bears much fruit
Kindly helps others, uses God's gifts with modesty & creativity.
Virtuous: Grateful and Content
Is thankful and content for such things one has, and diligently makes the most of every opportunity.
Sanctified: Marriageable Morals ​
Is family focused and  personally pure, happily pursuing brotherly and sisterly relationships.
Quiet: Honorable Ambition
Pursues studies that lead to a productive, quiet life giving a positive testimony to a watching world.


What is WCFS?
Since 1983  WCFS has been an Educational Institution recognized in the state of Maryland, USA. Organized as a Bona-fide church operated educational institution, WCFS provides the academic and administrative structure to lawfully provide academic supervision and viable student transcripts for students who are taught at home, or in a nontraditional environment.

In 1985, WCFS’s innovative program became the model by which the Maryland Department of Education established supervision standards for home school students in Maryland. The unique aspect of the WCFS program is our combination of Biblical philosophy of parental roles in education with an administrative system that affords tier-one status with US Armed Forces, the NCAA, and universities as well as colleges across the USA, and around the world.

To inspire & assist parents to Treasure God’s Design for Their Family by promoting academic excellence in their home.

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